Sunday, October 07, 2007

China Goes Fluorescent

From Reuters:

WASHINGTON - China, which makes 70 percent of the world's lightbulbs, has agreed to phase out incandescent bulbs in favor of more energy-efficient ones, part of a push by a leading world environmental funding agency.


The switch to more efficient bulbs from traditional incandescent ones could mitigate 500 million tonnes of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide annually, equal to about half the climate-warming emissions of Germany...

And whats America doing again? Shifting its stance? Modifying its rhetoric?


Anonymous said...

Please, don't tar all America with the same Bush:

1) PG&E (the electric utility for most of North & Central California) is giving away 1M CFLs during October:
[I.e., still a lonnnng way to go, but useful.]

2) Clock is ticking: late this month will likely see CA sue the US Environmental protection Agency over CO2 emissions. (Gov. Arnold sent EPA 6-month notice in April). For those unfamiliar with the peculiar role of CA in such things and the reason why Bush administration has fought so hard against CA in this:

When the EPA was created in 1970, CA was already regulating emissions, primarily for Los Angeles' sake, but for other areas as well. The law wired in a special magic exemption for CA:

In general, the EPA sets the rules for the country, and to avoid chaos, they are supposed to be the same everywhere ... EXCEPT, CA can set more stringent rules (subject to some EPA approval), and then, any other state can tcopy CA's if they want to, and a bunch of states ( 30+% of US population & cars) have already passed laws saying they will do so, as soon as CA can...

Anonymous said...

Canadians who say they want to cut CO2 emissions aren't doing much either, if all the Canadians who apparently believe we should stop emitting stopped emitting - we would reach those ridiculous Kyoto goals.

Anonymous said...

Why is Bush the scapegoat for everything?

What have YOU done, you smug, smarmy little eco-dictator, YOURSELF? And telling other people to cut back doesn't count. What cash has come out of YOUR pocket to 'save the planet'?

Come on, don't push, there's lots of room for you all to tell us exactly what you've done to reduce your CO2 emissions by 40%.

Or are you all just full of it?