Saturday, October 13, 2007

Steve McIntyre Awarded Nobel Peace Prize!

...for his work as part of the IPCC's team of "expert reviewers". Congratulations, Steve! One day your work confirming the basic accuracy of GISSTEMP data will cop you a prize that you don't have to share with anyone.

Kudos are also in order for:

Richard Courtney of British Coal, who also served as an expert reviewer on the IPCC team, and who has some startling views on carbon sequestration.

Dr. Vincent Gray who in the same role functioned as a one man army of dissent.

David Wojick, another representative of Big Coal.

Once again, congratulations! Al Gore couldn't have saved the planet without you!


Anonymous said...

wait till Dulton slaps huge carbon taxes on all you fools in Ontario so he can be a Kyoto good-guy.

How about 20 cents/l for your gas for starters. Maybe 30

Enjoy paying for all the Co2 hype & howling. Gore gets richer, you get poorer.

Voluntary taxation . . sure you are a dipper ?

Anonymous said...


A leaked internal BBC memo below. Note the "high" level of literacy: "principle" instead of "principal". Sometimes spellcheckers cannot rescue ignorance -- or is it just that the BBC would not know a principle if it fell over one?

From: Roger Harrabin - Internet
Sent: 12 October 2007 08:12
Subject: Guidance on Gore and Nobel Prize - please publish.

In any future reporting of Gore we should be careful not to suggest that the High Court says Gore was wrong on climate

The judge didn't say that. He said Gore's principle message on climate change was mainstream and uncontroversial. But he asked the government to make it plain in guidance notes to kids that nine points in the film were controversial.

He used the word "errors" but put it in inverted commas because the issues were not factual errors but issues of scientific debate.

We might say something like: "Al Gore whose film was judged by the High Court to have used some debatable science" or "Al Gore whose film was judged in the High Court to be controversial in parts".

The key is to avoid suggesting that the judge disagreed with the main climate change thesis.

Please pass to presenters because this issue about Gore will arise again.

Steve V said...

Every paper is congratulating Gore, except for the National Post, which has a vindicative "junk science" piece on Gore, plastered on the frontpage. What a petty little paper, that thankfully nobody reads.

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