Thursday, October 11, 2007

Harper Makes Unforced Error

Basically, if you're trying to buy someone's vote, you don't pee on the money first, which is what Stephen Harper did yesterday when he announced his off-shore oil deal with Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald:

Bill Casey, a Nova Scotia Conservative MP, got kicked out of caucus by voting against a procedural motion related to the budget to register his support of Nova Scotia's position.
Harper said this deal will not clear the way to Casey's return to the federal Tory caucus.

"Mr. Casey is not welcome into our caucus ... when there is a next federal election, there will be a Conservative candidate in Mr. Casey's riding, and it will not be Mr. Casey," he said.

In offering thanks, MacDonald mentioned Nova Scotia Tory MPs Peter MacKay and Gerald Keddy, but he didn't mention Casey by name.

Talk about pointlessly nasty. If you are going to sacrifice a Nova Scotia seat from sheer cussedness (because Casey will almost surely win as an independent), isn't it best to at least do it quietly? But this is not the Harper style; Harper's style is to lash out at those who have crossed him, no matter that the guy is a hero in Nova Scotia and that insulting him publicly will squander the very good will that Harper has been attempting to cultivate.

So the Bad Stephen Harper is back, which Steve V noticed last night and a few in the MSM have picked up on this morning. Excellent! Just in time for the Throne Speech.


Anonymous said...

if you're trying to buy someone's vote, you don't pee on the money first

Holy crap that's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This is not pointless at all. It sends a strong signal to all other MPs not to pull a stunt like Casey's.

me dere robert said...

I'm from NS and ashamed of our weak Premier. We know where his priorities are... federal Conservatives first, the province second.

Anonymous said...

"if you're trying to buy someone's vote, you don't pee on the money first"

no, you steal it from taxpayers like a scumbag Liberal would do. Then you put in big brown envelopes and give it away to you Liberal friends.

And you fools are still stuck with Steffi.

wilson said...

If Casey is going to put his province first before the country as a whole, he should be in provincial politics.
Rodney should scoop him up (which is likely happening behind the scenes)

IMO Dannyboy and Nflders got the message too, that he ain't fooling with a soft underbellied Liberal.

When Martin sucked up to Danny, Libs lost 2 seats.
Nflders also like a PM to stand up to their homegrown bully.

Jay said...

You actually believe that Wilson?

I am a Newfoundlander and can tell you straight out that you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. We love "the fighting Newfoundlander type" which is what Williams is. Sure we will tear him to shreds in 4 years but he's got full support for his fight with Ottawa for the time being. Nothing rallies Newfoundlanders more than fighting for our province. You can bank on that one.

Jay said...

Also, are you saying that only Provincial representatives are able to represent where they come from but federal representatives have to shut up and not defend their own province? Sounds to me you are advocating for MP's who say nothing just follow an authoritarian leader. How democratic is that? Why bother electing them? Sounds communist to me.

Ti-Guy said...

Petulant and peevie, that's our Stevie.

God, the little bitch is becoming almost a parody.

Steve V said...

"Casey, who will not be welcomed back into the Tory fold despite the new deal, says he still intends to run as an Independent candidate in his riding of Cumberland-Colchester Muquodoboit Valley."

Way to go Mr. Harper. Casey also has some support from the provincial Conservatives.

NL-ExPatriate said...

There is a reason he had the Moniker

"Get Even Steven"

When he was leader of the NCC National Citizens Coalition.

My god this federation is gone to hell in a hand basket.

The two national federal parties have leaders that were at one time both separatists.

Get Even Steven is so right wing that he couldn't even get along with Preston Manning and walked away from the Reform party.