Monday, October 01, 2007

John Tory: My Principles Are Negotiable

From This Morning's Natty Post:

OTTAWA • John Tory's promise to fund faith-based schools is so unpopular with voters that the Ontario Conservative leader is facing defeat in his own riding.

And, amid buzz that his party is getting ready to suddenly drop that plank from its platform, Mr. Tory has ordered every Conservative candidate in the province to take part in a conference call at 10 a.m. today.

From The Ottawa Citizen, June 9th:

"I think there are some things on which you have to stand on principle and in this case the principle is fairness to people from other faiths," the former cable executive and corporate lawyer said. "I think what we want to do is replicate the experience of the Catholic schools."

Well, at least Dalton waited until he got into office before he started breaking promises.

Of course, this is all rank desperation on Tory's part. For example, he's getting his ass kicked by old C4LDer Kathleen Wynne in his own riding--down fifteen per cent, according to the Post. But I doubt such a massive flip-flop will help at this stage. If John Tory is already a promise breaker, and other than the school funding issue his platform is pretty similar to McGuinty's, why change governments?

I suppose the good news is that John Tory will be free to run as Mayor of Toronto again.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Tory had been an executive for so long he got into the habit of issuing orders and not listening to the rank and file.

Any reversal--particularly now--would be an admission of error. He's not accustomed to doing that.
Moreover, if he can change a plank now, what will he do if Premier?
Which way is the wind blowing, today?

He's all but done in.

Anonymous said...

In other words - this so-called leadership material collapses under pressure. Tory is not a leader.

Anonymous said...

With that kind of behaviour, he should be running as a Liberal.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, don't be so stupid, anony-tard. He's a Conservative because this is what Conservatives do.

It's not the so-called "flip-flopping" or "promise breaking;" it's presenting stupid proposals in the first place.

Anonymous said...

At least Dalton McGuinty could justify recanting on some of his promises due to the fiscal mess that he was left with.

What's John Tory's excuse? Uhh ... the polls say I can't win. That's the man of principle that all those neo-kons have been yammering on about?

When blatant vote-grab #1 doesn't work, just go to blatant vote-grab #2.

He hasn't even been elected anywhere yet and already he's fixy-foxing ... which can only confirm that age old adage that the only good Tory is a suppository.