Saturday, October 27, 2007

An Inconvenient Poll?

From this morning's Gazette, at the end of their story on veiled voters:

The new proposals come as another opinion poll reveals a tight race between the Bloc and Tories for public support in Quebec. The Ipsos Reid survey released yesterday found the Bloc had 34 per cent support in the province vs. 26 for Tories among 250 Quebecers who were surveyed in the national poll. Because of the small regional sample in the province, the margin of error was 6.6 percentage points.

...which compares to another Ipsos poll done at the end of last week:

In Quebec, the sovereigntist Bloc Quebecois led at 36 per cent, but the Conservatives outpaced the Liberals by 26 per cent to 19 as Quebecers preferred federalist option. The NDP registered 12 per cent support and the Green party six per cent.

These are clearly the Ipsos polls that CanWest/National Post have been publishing every Friday/Saturday for the last couple of weeks, so my question is: what happened to the rest of this week's national poll? I can find hide nor hair of it at the Natty Post website or anywhere else. Has this one been stuffed because it did not support the notion of an emergent Tory Majority?


Anonymous said...

maybe now people will understand what I have been saying for a while, those who want an election is the media, they are trying to manipulate the polls to get the harp to go for it, problem is, I always thought the people where in control in a democracy, not the media, and their attack on dion, might backfire, starting to look like the media is picking on one side only, according to a right wing friend of mine, even he thinks this is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I found it weirs that there was not a single poll released this week. with Most polls showing a 5-6 point spread, Ipsos was always the outlier, but no one released a poll this week, which is very odd. Although I believe a Harris/Decima Poll should be coming early this next week, based on Gregg's comment on at At Issue panel.

RuralSandi said...

I prefer to wait for SES.