Thursday, October 04, 2007

Is Bourque Copping Headlines From National Newswatch?

It is pretty clear that Pierre Bourque's news aggregater service has been hitting the skids lately. Biased, seldom updated, it often appears as though his racing career, though itself quite lacklustre, is taking up all of Bourque's energy.

In fact, if you look at today's headlines:

Stephane's great makeover ...Weston: Trap set for Libs ...Thompson: Libs close ranks around embattled leader ...StarPhoenix: Dion's tenure as leader appears short ...Gazette: Grumblers undermining Dion ...Martin: Dion left with two bad options ...McParland: Harper press schmoozer puts boot to Opposition ...Cernetig: First, he survived Martin debacle, now Marissen will survive Dion debacle ...NatPost: Quebec meltdown ... looks very much like Bourque's current technique is to visit his competition, National Newswatch, and do a simple cut-and-paste job with the links to stories posted there:

Trap set for Liberals, Dion left with two bad options, Dion's tenure as Grit leader appears short, Quebec meltdown

Of course, there are only so many headlines you can choose from each morning, and I don't know how you would prove something like this, but if I were one of the Tories funding Bourque, I would be wondering exactly what my money was buying me.


Anonymous said...

Wanna see a real cut-and-paste? Go to Michelle Malkin's web site.

Anonymous said...

Hoo-hoo, Big, your Bourque fetish is hilarious. How a one-eyed bonehead like you could miss the big Liberal banner at the top of Bourque's website is beyond me. Tory-funded, indeed.

Red Tory said...

Bourque: "Yesterday's news, today"

I can't imagine anything in the world easier than what Bourque does. It astounds me that he ever gained the popularity he did.

It's downright pathetic when you compare it to something like Too bad that's almost exclusively American.

Anonymous said...

Is Bourque really that popular?

In any case, he does not have work for a living. Daddy is rich, despite legal troubles concerning unpaid taxes.