Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MacLeans Is Liberal As All Hell! (And Other Facebook Statistics)

Stephen Taylor has discovered a nifty tool that allows you to determine the political affiliations/educational level of Facebook users so you can better target your Facebook Flyers. Stephen has used to this tool to argue that the CBC is...wait for it...Liberal!!! (Hiss, Boo!).

Well, I still haven't figured out how to do a proper screen capture, so this won't be as fancy as Taylor's post, but here are a few other fun facts that I discovered with the same tool.

The tool allows you to sort Facebook users by "workplace" (which is how Stephen searched CBC staff), and one of these workplaces is the "Parliament of Canada". A few relevant sortings later and we find out that there are 80 people who class their own political views as "Conservative" working for the Parliament of Canada. Meanwhile, a quick count gives us 40 Moderates and 200 Liberals. No wonder Harper can't get legislation passed worth shit!

Of the 80 Conservatives, fewer than 20 graduated from college, and a small number (fewer than 20) are still in high-school. Looks like we've found the CPoC "brain trust".

In other findings:

Of the 2,020 employees of the Canadian Armed Forces on Facebook, 140 class themselves as Liberal, 160 as Moderate, and about 300 as Conservative. Breaking down these totals by gender, there are about 280 Conservative men vs. 40 Conservative Women, 140 Moderate men vs. less than 20 Moderate Women, and about 100 Liberal Men vs. 20 Liberal Women.

Of the 100 people who work for, less than 20 categorise themselves as either Liberal, Conservative, or Moderate. I guess that means the Toronto Sun isn't a Conservative Paper.

Of the 2,460 people who work for Rogers Communications (publishers of MacCleans), only about 60 call themselves Conservative, while 100 identify themselves as Moderate and a whopping 400 like the "Liberal" label. Don't anyone tell Kenneth Whyte.

Of the 360 Facebook users that work for the Government of Newfoundland, only barely 20 class themselves as Conservative, while 40 call themselves Moderate, and 40 self-identify as Liberal. See, that's what we like about Danny Williams. He calls himself a Tory, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Anonymous said...

It is important to note that "Liberal" as a Facebook political view does not refer to supporters of the Liberal party.

In Canada, the options are misleading. Very Conservative, Conservative, Moderate, Liberal, Very Liberal. They'd be better listed as Far right, Right, Moderate, Left and Far left.

Remember ... these are views not affiliations.

Ti-Guy said...

Stephen "Techno-Douche" Taylor.

Anonymous said...

No 'liberal' as a facebook political view means you've the mentality of a spoiled rich teenager, with a pregnant girlfriend and a drug habit.

burlivespipe said...

conservative as a facebook political view means wanting no one else to have money except you, to own a Hummer where your wife cowers between beatings.

I must be reading the same stereotypical definition website as mr anonymoose...