Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Luke Skywalker Would Be Truly Pissed (Stuff Exploding!)

What you see here is perhaps the greatest model rocket project ever undertaken in the name of fanboy pseudoscience. (Found via SFSignal.) Polecat Aerospace built a 21-foot reproduction (about one-half scale) of an X-wing and designed it to fly–rocket style–with the aid of four M-class solid rocket engines.

The model didn't fly worth shit, but it sure did Blow Up Real Good!

OOOOHHH! I wish it was night!

(PS. I like the kid in the foreground)


Anonymous said...

Cool! This has been the one and only thing you've ever posted when I've agreed with your opinion!!!!

Carter Apps, dabbler of stuff said...

Blogdom needs more exploding stuff,

Robert said...

I'd have to dissagree with you for a change; that thing did not blow up well.

The lack of flames and other spectacular incendiary effects made for an otherwise mundane disintigration.

bigcitylib said...

Robert, Picky picky. I agree that they don't blow up a rocket as good as NASA, but at NASA they're professionals.

Besides the "coming apart" action I thought was exquisite.

Anonymous said...

Not an explosion technically, but a beautiful disintegration. Like somebody nailed it with a scaled up load of #8.

Ti-Guy said...

Notice how all your trolls love stuff explodin'

Don't these people masturbate enough? Or do they masturbate too much?

Anony-troll #4389 (at 4:16)...Can you enlighten me? Do you masturbate enough, too much, or not enough?

Anonymous said...

ti-guy . . . as the king of hand induced breeding attempts, why are you so concerned how others beat off ?

Professional curiosity ???

Why don't you go stick you other hand in BCL's pocket & give a wiggle-jiggle.

Just for old times sake :)

Ti-Guy said...

Wow. You certainly seem to know all about that kind of stuff.

Did you get touched in your special places when you were a kid?

Anonymous said...

Funny talk, coming from ti-guy, the one who was constantly referring to Hentai. Constantly. Especially funny was that nobody else knew what the hell Hentai was. A little revealing, wouldn't you say, Hentai-guy?

A load of #8 refers to the shot size typically used in trap or skeet. It pulverizes targets, breaking them into tiny chunks, just like how the X-wing disintegrated. There's nothing sexual about it. But somehow ti-guy thought there was.