Monday, October 29, 2007

All Hail Rick And Bubba!

Rick and Bubba are radio personalities out of Birmingham, Alabama, and it looks like the gave a nod to my Sunday post on the new "bigfoot" photos. Thanks gentlemen, for sending me a ton of traffic, although the flow-through seems to have crashed Bigfoot Field Research Organization site!

If most of R&B's listeners are from Alabama, they're probably handy around forests and are leaning to the "mangy bear" theory. Below is a photo of the "Jacobs Creature" I found that shows the inferred skeletal structure of the animal in the picture. Sasquatch expert Jeff Meldrum says it pretty clearly indicates that the animal is NOT some kind of primate (and IS therefore most likely a bear with mange).

Something I always like to mention when writing on these topics is the Cryptomundo website, which where most of the information found here originally came from. If there's anything weird and unknown crawling around the Alabama backwoods, Loren and the gang at Cryptomundo have it covered.


bigcitylib said...

No, Biggest one day spike was from Kinsella. Oddly enough, the topic was also bigfoot.

Anonymous said...

You missed a golden opportunity to blame that on Global Warming!