Saturday, October 20, 2007

Limousine Liberals

I can't stand 'em. Here's an example why:

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Cape Cod Commission in Massachusetts Thursday denied Cape Wind's application to bury electric cables needed to connect its proposed 420-megawatt offshore wind farm in the Nantucket Sound to the state power grid. Cape Wind said in a release that it would challenge the Commission decision. The Cape Cod Commission is a local organization created by the state in 1990 to manage growth and protect Cape Cod's natural resources. Sen. Ted Kennedy and many residents who own coastal property from where they could see the wind turbines on a clear day oppose the project along with some environmental groups concerned about disrupting the patterns of migratory birds and the potential effect on local sea life."

Oh my Lord! Their immensely wealthy eyes might be stung from viewing the plebeian, industrial ugliness required to produce clean energy!

But wait! Here's another one closer to home:

GULF SHORE — Nova Scotia’s songbird wishes a proposed wind farm in Gulf Shore would just fly away.

Singer Anne Murray, who has a summer home in the area, is joining other residents in opposing the construction by Atlantic Wind Power Corp. of 20 to 27 100-metre-high wind turbines in the province’s northwest corner.

“I just think it’s too close. It’s in all our backyards,” said Murray, who grew up in nearby Springhill. “I think wind power is a good thing, and I am all for them when they’re in the right place. I don’t believe these ones are in the right place.”

Not in the right place. Not in your backyard, in other words. But wait! Didn't you write on David Suzuki's website that:

"It is incumbent upon us all to try harder when it comes to our environment. We must 'turn things around'. I will take up the challenge."

There's no "us" in "you", I guess.

Not the kind of behavior to make believers out of the cynical.


Ben (The Tiger in Exile) said...

Oh, you're being too hard on them, BigCityLib.

I'm sure they're perfectly sincere in their beliefs -- they just have an overriding imperative of NIMBYism. No matter what their principles were, left or right, that would still govern.

Ti-Guy said... this is where the warmocaust collusionists are invited to find common ground with these liberals in a doubtless hilarious contortion of logic and principles.

They've already been denounced by a liberal as limousine liberals, so they can't have that one.

Anonymous said...

I vote we put one outside BCL's apartment or ti-guy's trailer - they're both full of wind.

Save the planet, just don't inconvenience me.