Thursday, October 04, 2007

Throne Speech: Whole Lotta Nothin'?

If Conservative whip Jay Hill's latest column is any indication, there might not be anything in the Throne Speech worth voting against:

Each and every day we are drafting new important legislation we intend to introduce in the House of Commons later this month. This week, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson released draft legislation to combat the very serious and growing problem of identity theft. And Finance Minister Jim Flaherty released draft legislation to implement Registered Disability Savings Plans so that Canadians with disabilities will have access to improved financial support.

Sounds a bit bland so far, doesn't it?

If so, this would confirm rumors heard over the course of the summer that Tory calls for "new ideas" generated very little that was uncontroversial enough to be actionable. Indeed, a quick glimpse of the CPoC website, at least as it stands today, shows how little the Harper government is bringing to the table. So, a lot of bluster to cover up the fact they are birthing a mouse? Well, we shall see what the proposal to limit spending powers amounts to, but folks should remember that much of what Harper proposes can always be sent to die in the Senate.


Sean Cummings said...

So this is bluster?

bigcitylib said...

If his threats are based on the Tories new identity theft legislation, for example, that is bluster.

Anonymous said...

But Mr. Martin took exception yesterday to a general-distribution e-mail to journalists from Dimitri Soudas, Mr. Harper's deputy press secretary, because it revealed that a bureau within Mr. Harper's office had forwarded a newspaper story quoting a former Liberal candidate who has demanded Mr. Dion step down.

"If partisan political material is being generated and circulated from the PMO, they've crossed the line," said Mr. Martin, adding that aides in Mr. Harper's office should restrict their public criticism to policy rather than exclusively partisan politics.

"Fun as it may be, kicking the Liberals while they're down has nothing to do with government policy; the parties have caucus research offices they can use for this kind of political cheap shot."

...I have to wonder if the Dion crisis has been "blown up" more than it really is. When you have an NDP'r criticizing the CPC methods - you truly have to wonder.

What the hell is the matter with Canadian journalism today? Lazy, lazy, lazy - well, except Kady O'Mally - here's a young girl who's doing her homework. I suggest people read her blog especially on the lobbying issue.

900ft Jesus said...

I am very sure the Dion stories lately have been blown up, rumours fabricated and spoon fed to either unethical or lazy journalists.

I like Susan Riley of The Guardian (Charlottetown). She wrote a good piece today - "Today's campaigns all about stressing the negative."

(Pat Martin is not my fave for sure, but good for him on this one.)

Anonymous said...

No wonder you Libs don't want democratic reform of the Senate. It's always nice to have dictatorial power on your side.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:47 - are you for real? Harper promised it was safe to vote for him because the senate was the checks and balance of the system - he used it for his advantage to get elected - what a liar Harper is, really - a LIAR.

Anonymous said...

"What the hell is the matter with Canadian journalism today?"

Exaclty. Why aren't they out boosting the Liberal Party 24/7? Just so you know, it's not the media's job to boost Stephane Dion's and the Liberal Party's image. It's their job to report the news.

I know it may sound crazy but when a bunch of Liberals in Quebec are demanding heads roll at the top of the party, it's actually newsworthy. If these stories persist, and this isn't the first sign of discontent from Quebec, the story becomes bigger. Don't blame the media because the Liberal Party couldn't keep its internal problems private.

Red Tory said...

Gotta love those brave ANONYMOUS Conservative commenters...

A "whole lotta nothin'" sounds like a good prediction to me.

Ti-Guy said...

I've completely forgotten what fresh alternative the "New and Improved Conservative Party of Canada" ever offered, originally.

Was it something about lower taxes? Smaller government? Accountability and...*snick*...integrity? Social conservative and religious values?'s all become a blur with the record of Conservative triangulation and dishonesty.

Mike said...

Hmm I guess they have to create a whole bunch of legislation since Harper and the CPoC unnecessarily prorogued parliament, killing lots of their legislation (including their own much touted age of consent legislation) on the order paper.

If they were really interested in "getting things done" then they wouldn't have quit, would they.

Liars and opportunists. I almost hope all this internal Liberal stuff is just that - BS meant to bait Harper into an election.