Friday, July 30, 2010

Bono Dodges The Reaper

Mark Bonokowski, that is. His disappearance from the T.O. Sun masthead appears to stem from the fact that he is on vacation, as confirmed by this tweet from the 27th, and not from the fact that the Vampire Teneckcye sacked his ass out the door.

...Although he's been on vacation since the 25th, and his name was only pulled down on the 27th. And why would you pull a name for that anyway?

Anyway, have a good vacation Mark! But be careful when you get back to the office. Carry garlic!


RuralSandi said...

Didn't this happen the Greg Weston a while back - disappeared, then appeared and now gone?

The surprise to me is David Akin getting involved in this crap. He seems to nice - my hubby said you've got to watch out for the syrupy guys, they're more inclined to stick a knife in your back.

Maybe he's right.

Anonymous said...

Your husband would be right.