Monday, July 19, 2010


Maxime Bernier's staff deleted those 1000s of emails he allegedly got complaining about the census. Here's what he says:

[W]hen I was Industry minister in 2006 during the previous census, several thousand email messages of complaint were sent to my MP office. (Some people have asked me to show proof of this. It was evidently part of an organized campaign, as my Parliament colleagues and I often sometimes receive vast numbers of messages on controversial issues. They are one way among others to gauge the level of public support or opposition to a decision. These messages were obviously not filed for future use by my staff and were deleted.)

And the funny thing is: Bernier's suggesting that the alleged e-mails were deleted because he discounted them as being "part of an organized campaign"--in other words, judged them as not representative of an underlying sentiment in Der Volk. So why did he even raise them in the first place? Who cares how many emails you got if you admit they were all astroturf?

The guy's been caught in a piece of straight-up bullshit.

Also: Tory MP Rajotte has cracked.


double nickel said...

Nothing is ever deleted from federal email systems. Ever. If those messages ever existed, they can be retrieved.

sharonapple88 said...

Interesting that he received thousands of complaints, but the Privacy commissioner received just three about the census in the last decade.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Bernier is fact-challenged in general. He also doesn't believe in Global Warming. He also thinks he has a sizable political future. #FAIL