Thursday, July 22, 2010

Conspicuous By Its Absense...

OTTAWA - In the mounting uproar over the government's decision to axe the long-form census, there's a key voice conspicuous by its absence: big business.

Well, that's not entirely true: The Toronto Board Of Trade, with over 10,000 member companies, has spoken out against the changes. But still, resistance does seem to have been most noted among associations supporting small to mid-size businesses. Why is that?

Well, as I believe Maxime Bernier noted (but I can't find the link), if the government's decision essentially offloads data collection costs onto the private sector--basically, the costs of trying to offset now wonky census long-form data with information gathered from private surveys--who will be in a better position to absorb those costs?

Walmart, large developers, and so forth.

In other words, these changes tilt the playing field against small business. If the NDP were trying this nonsense, they would be accused of hating Capitalism.


CanadianSense said...

When did Liberals demote individual liberty for central planners and state intervention?

This fear mongering reminds me of the pattern used the CAGW proponents.

Did you notice the pile on are from many state funded organizations that used the census data to secure more funding? A potential conflict?

Are some European countries no longer doing a mandatory Census, Census? How many countries threaten fines or jail to not fill out forms about about legal activities? Are they under some evil right wing government?

Like the health care debate, critics are refusing to examine the evidence in other jurisdictions.

It is interesting people are most skeptical about the central planners and their lobbyists.

Oxford County Liberals said...

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is nowon record as of this AM as supporting the mandatory longform census.

Gayle said...

"When did Liberals demote individual liberty for central planners and state intervention?"

Heh. And this is the person who rails about "fear mongering".

Thanks for the Thursday morning funny.

Anonymous said...

This has been the most stupid political move I have ever seen. Canada's Chief statistician, Boards of Trade, United ways, Canadian jewish Congress, evangelicals, many Tory supporters all crap on Clement for this idea...and he still sticks with it? This will be exactly the kind of stupidity that many will remember come election time.

Gene Rayburn said...

CanadianNonsense have you ever put forth a comment that isn't completely hypocritical, missing the point or fear mongering? Plus could you please not use the annoying format of questions to make your point. It really shows the pretentious windbag you are.

Then again it's well documented about you and public wanking.