Monday, July 26, 2010

Marc Morano's New Hero ex-University of Ottawa professor Denis Rancourt, last heard offering himself as an "assurity" to RBC bombing suspect Claude Haridge. Haridge and bombing suspect Matthew Morgan-Brownboth both attended Rancourt's now-discontinued social activism course. In 2008, U-of-0 dismissed Rancourt after numerous complaints about the course (including accusations of anti-Semitism)...a move which Rancourt, according to his wiki page, blamed on the "Israel Lobby"

Turns out Rancourt has been cranking out denialist Lit since at least 2007, and has been praised by such luminaries as Alexander Cockburn and Senator James Inhofe. This is only his most recent effort.

Good find Marc! The credibility of the AGW denialist community has been enhanced immeasurably by your touting this guy's work.


Jerome Bastien said...

Denis Rancourt lost it a while ago. He actually taught me physics 102 (or something like that) for my undergrad back in the 90s and he seemed reasonable enough back then, a little eccentric, but nothing too concerning. One thing that stuck with me is his claim that the plates that are usually depicted on the back of the stegosaurus actually fit like a puzzle and could form some kind of armor plating on his back or belly.

Then he got into "academic squatting" and completely lost it. Not sure why.

AGW is still bullshit though.

rabbit said...

Rancourt believes that "academic freedom" gives a professor license to do almost anything he wants, which, of course, it does not. Professors are stilled required to teach the curriculum following university strictures.

chris said...

Wow. A little OT but WTF happened to Cockburn?