Saturday, July 24, 2010

They Seem Less Perky...

Conrad Black invokes his wife's health in an attempt to wheedle his way back into the peaceable kingdom.

Actually, I am starting to soften towards His Blackness, if only because he seems positively classy when measured against folks like The Vampire Teneycke. No! Really! They say adversity builds character, and being imprisoned has obviously been a positive experience for the guy. Waterboard him a few times and he'll be almost human... and then let him back into the country.

He's like a tough piece of meat. He needs tendering, and that usually requires whacking with a stick.

PS. Don't look at Barb's picture when you're reading the paragraph above: "meat"..."whacking"...and etc..

Or take a shower now.


Admin said...

So two prominent conservative ideologues wish to move back to Canada in order to benefit from our superior health care system? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

No shower needed. These two (she is still Canadian) do need to come home.
Frack the 'sides', there are no sides when people are up against the wall. I thought we Canadians understood that.

deBeauxOs said...

Is that photograph from the 70's?

Barbara is now a sliver of her former self, very gaunt.

Not really a time for double-entendre or for gloating, I'd hope.

double nickel said...

I wish Babs all the best, but fuck Conrad, and the horse he rode in on.

RuralSandi said...

Barbara Joan Estelle Amiel, Lady Black of Crossharbour (born December 4, 1940)

So, she's 70 years old. While reading about her I thought this interesting (we know that she's now a staunch conservative).

While in England, Amiel attended North London Collegiate School in Canons Park, Edgware, Greater London, an independent girls' school founded by Frances Mary Buss in 1850. Family difficulties—including some financial hardship---during the early years in Canada, precipitated her living independently for periods of time during her adolescence during which she held a variety of jobs to support herself. In 1959 she entered the University of Toronto, where she attended University College and took an honours degree in Philosophy & English. Amiel was an active communist, and was a delegate in 1962 to the Soviet-organised World Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki, Finland

Oemissions said...

ps: Gross!!

Tof KW said...

Interesting stuff Sandi. So in her naive student years, like many of that generation, she was a communist.

I assume her transformation occurred over several years. At first she would have moved to the CCF/NDP, then maybe becoming a Trudeau Liberal in the late 60's? Then a Red Tory under Stanfield &/or Clark. Then inevitably embracing the neo-liberal economic teachings of the Austrian school fools as it infected the conservative ethos under the Reagan/Thatcher/Mulroney period. And now in her 70's, she's probably somewhere politically to the right of Attila the Hun.

As for Lord Black, hate to say it but I've developing a soft spot for him lately. I think imprisonment may have reinstalled some humanity and humility into him least I'd like to think so.