Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fox News North Reporter Fails To Meet My Low Expectations

After reading this tweet from young Kory, I rushed to find Brian Lilley's "Climategate" story. But its the same old crap! And I do mean old. The debunked Amazongate scandal; Donna Lafamboise's citizen audit from April! I mean, if you'd be sleeping for the past three months, some of this might seem mildly novel, but otherwise...

What next? A story announcing the death of General Tojo?


dinoibo said...
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Rotterdam said...

Bigcitylib wants to keep a left wing monopoly in media.
Libs are so insecure.

Anonymous said...

"What next? A story announcing the death of General Tojo?"

I won't be surprised: the neoconservatives' parallel universe is filled with zombies.

Here's an idea for a headline: "Research Shows Climategate As Dead As General Tojo". Then we can have an op-ed titled, "Is General Tojo Still Dead?"