Friday, July 30, 2010

Fox News North Update: Holy Crap! Iggy DID attend Public School In Canada!!!

Brian Lilley:

As for which public schools he did go to, it appears Ignatieff was a student at Manor Park public school in Ottawa’s east end. After graduating from Upper Canada College he went on to the publicly funded University of Toronto.

This is the same Brian Lilley who, yesterday morning, implied that Iggy had spoken falsely about receiving a public education in Canada, and who seems to have spent the hours since rewriting the piece so he could maintain its sneering tone in the face of contradictory evidence. Being QMI, we'll never get a retraction out of him. But if anyone has the dough to threaten legal action, looks the Channel Ezra will be ripe for plucking. Gross factual errors here there and everywhere.


RuralSandi said...

I guess the Cons don't know you start school at 5 years old.

Canajun said...

@RuralSandi - I expect a few of the *finished* school at 5 years old.

Brian Busby said...

What a sad little piece Mr. Lilley presents, going on about questions being raised about Michael Ignatieff's statement and referencing some Spector speculation, before revealing that the man actually did attend public school (in the final sentence).

RuralSandi said...

I've taken a boo at some of the journalists twitters - they mock Spector.