Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fox News North Update: Kory Fails Again?

The evening of June 29th, Kory sends this tweet:

And then last night he sends this one:

So: lunch was had, and it wasn't enough. Maybe our hypothetical CBCer said there's no way I'm jumping over until SunTV is ready to cough up for a blackberry: pencils and a dedicated carrier pigeon don't cut it.
Or maybe they asked: how can you call it a 24 hour news station when it only runs to 9pm?
Or maybe they weren't impressed being serenaded at a McDonald's. (That's a rumor I heard, by the way. Or maybe its one I made up. In any case, feel free to spread it.)
Meanwhile, Kory' boss wants to cut costs by shedding accountability.


sassy said...

Master Kory comes across as rather juvenile.

RuralSandi said...

Master Kory, as sassy says, is rather immature and/or he's playing one of his mind manipulation games. Trying to convince everyone that CBC and CTV bad, bad and his new whatever it's going to be is good good and everyone's running to join him.

What a tool.