Monday, May 02, 2011

Fox News North Covers The Death Of bin Laden

As chronicled by the avid fans at FreeDominion:

9:15 PM: SunTV is showing a repeat of 'The Source'.

9:17 PM: CBC just broke with the story...and SunTV has an Adler rerun from Friday.

9:19: Sun TV is replaying stuff they broadcasted earlier. Don't they have any live staff there at night

9:49 PM: No I think the weekends are mostly reruns.

 9:52 PM: There are probably about 3 TVs tuned to Sun TV right now and each has someone who has fallen asleep in front of it.
I am informed they finally woke someone up in time for Obama's presser. 

The perils of doing news on the cheap: something  myself and others have warned about previously.


Reality Bites said...

The folks at FD have already moved on to not believeing it even happened.

By this afternoon they'll be praising Sun as the one channel that wasn't taken in.

sassy said...

Orly Taitz - how do we know he is dead, I demand to see a death certificate showing that he died in the US of A.