Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mike Harris Redux: Tim Hudak Will Bring Back Worker Intimidation

He tells the TCA (Toronto Construction Association), a group representing employers, that he will kill the card-based certification of unions, just like Mike Harris did back in the day. He also wants to close the Ontario College of Trades.


double nickel said...

Unionized and well educated tradesmen are the root of all evil? WTF??

BigRed said...

Thank you BCL. I read your blog a lot and have been keeping on the periphery of the Ont election until a little later in the game. I've been reading about some of the stuff Hudak has wanted to do recently. It seemed crazy but didn't raise my hackles as it were. Wanting to close the Ontario College of trades though has done just that. I'm going to my Liberal MPP's office this afternoon and finding out how I can help. If there is one thing we arguably need more of in our society (along with doctors), it's skilled tradespeople.

Maria said...

Thanks BCL for informing us.

Maria[zoot suit]