Monday, May 30, 2011

Not His Honorable Member

That's what PCPO candidate George Lepp is saying now. Yesterday, his story seemed different: Lepp claimed that he had indeed accidentally shot his dick, after which time someone had stolen his blackberry "curve" and advertised the family jewels on Lepp's twitter account.  This morning, apparently without having even seen a picture of the dick, Mr. Lepp has disowned it.  Apparently, after his blackberry was "pick-pocketed" (by attendees of the Anime North convention, it has been suggested), the thief took pictures of his own dick and posted them to Lepp's twitter account. 

Believe it or not, I think this new version is the more believable.


double nickel said...

So it only took him a day to come up with a plausible story? Why were there 2 or 3 other explanations prior to this one?

sharonapple88 said...

So it only took him a day to come up with a plausible story? Why were there 2 or 3 other explanations prior to this one?

Test marketing. You leak different possible platforms and then pick the one most people appear to group towards. :P

gingercat said...

I wonder who's going to come forward to identify the "dick". I'm looking forward to the comedy fest coming.

Niles said...

That's my question too. Why would owner of said parts say they are his parts, taken 'accidentally' in a ridiculously weak tea of an excuse to start? Would *anyone* you know innocent of such photos forward that kind of lame 'oopsie' excuse?

He couldn't say right off the bat "someone stole my blackberry(which by the way despite my being an MP did not have a good security pw, if one at all)and uploaded nudity under my byline".

It's not that he's an MP. It's not that it's his (or someone else's now) genitalia. It's that he's yet another person giving us the "my kid brother stole my WoW account to post vitriol and/or porn to other players and I'm so sorry because it wasn't me, I swear, I mean...please unlock my account" after being caught out.

That he's a Con MP, just speaks to the ability of the great minds around this little publicity blip to THINK. a/claim it was an accidental overexposure "dans la poche". b/claim it was external forces of dirty protesting hippies with vile intent who have sullied the purity of my name. A different version of "dans la poche" for plausible deniability.

bigcitylib said...

Niles, all the talking was done by Allan Sakach. If wouldn't surprise me if he was "ambushed" by the Sun reporter and went into the "say anything" mode. And actually he's an MPP candidate, not an actually sitting MPP. But you're right, true or false, the current version of the story is way more plausible.

Maria said...

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