Friday, May 13, 2011

Somebody Got Suckered

Short version of this story: Iggy refused to to deal with Tamil protesters because of their possible connections to the LTTE. The NDP had no such compunctions, and harvested the Tamil vote.

And the CPoC? They unleashed the hounds on any politician appearing next to anyone with even vague connections to The Tigers, which seems to have freaked out Iggy and co. and guided their response to the issue.

And then the CPoC turned around and quite shamelessly ran people with LTTE connections.

I'm shitty at poker, but one day before I die I would like to play poker with Iggy.


Steve V said...

Sort of a metaphor for the entire problem, so scared of implications, offending anyone, we end up appealing to no one.

sharonapple88 said...

First mistake: letting his decisions be dictated by how he thought the Conservatives would react to them.... (Suddenly having second thoughts on something....)