Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Many Attended Canada March for Life?

As per usual, Buckets brings the science.  His estimate: 8,000, a bit above CBC's but way below the march organizers.  As per usual, a post that is both educational and entertaining.  Read it and derive a recipe for estimating crowd sizes from aerial photos. 

And when you have absorbed it thoroughly, you'll understand why Stephen Harper doesn't want to reopen the abortion debate.

Or, for an alternative reading, though, go here.


Anonymous said...

These things always remind of this great advert from back in the day
Perspective is everything

Just the facts, please said...

My son goes to the Arts high school in Ottawa. It's a magnet school, so kids come from all across the region. He told me quite a few kids who had siblings at Catholic schools in the area said their brothers and sisters went with their teachers to the event - it was a field trip, and whole classes and schools participated. Imagine the uproar if public school teachers took their students to a pro choice rally.

sassy said...

Great advert, thanks for the link

Reality Bites said...

A more interesting statistic would be what percentage of the women and girls attending have or will have an abortion at some time in their life.

I'm betting it would a lot higher then the percentage at a pro-choice rally.

Pro-choice women put their faith in birth control, not God

Tof KW said...

Well put Reality Bites. The pro-life movement would be wise to side with the pro-choice side on promoting birth control, as both groups in fact do have a common goal in reducing abortion numbers. One side just happens to be more practical about it, and not unexpectedly more successful as well.

Reality Bites said...

No, that is NOT their goal. Their goal is controlling other people's sexuality in as hateful a way as possible.

If all they were interested in was preventing abortions then every single "pro-life" group wouldn't make a point of being rabidly anti-gay, but they all are.

What's the connection between abortion and gay rights? None, unless you hate people having control over their own lives.

The last time I checked lesbians weren't having abortions. Gay men weren't impregnating women and abandoning them. Every time we have a pregnancy it's a wanted child.

If the so-called pro-life movement wanted to have any success at all, they're drop the unrelated issues and the religious rhetoric.

Unless they can come up with a 100% secular argument for restricting abortion then they have in fact no argument at all.

God says "..." Well who gives a flying fuck? Not an argument that will ever hold up in court.