Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Was Racist Geert Wilders Booked Into The National Arts Centre Under False Pretenses?

When asked why the centre would give someone like Mr. Wilders a podium, spokeswoman Rosemary Thompson said the NAC was unaware of who would be gracing its stage when the event was booked.

“The way this started was that the International Free Press Society called the catering department about a month ago and said that they had a Dutch MP coming to Canada for a speaking tour and that it was part of the Tulip Festival,” Ms. Thompson said, stressing the centre was not sponsoring the event

Suffice to say, the "Bleached Führer" is not on the Tulip Fest schedule.  I think the IFPS guys just bullshitted to ease things along, but I've emailed the festival for a confirmation.


Just the facts, please said...

Just heard Litwin on CBC radio defending "free speech" and "free thinking", with no apparent awareness of any contradiction between his claims in this regard and the fact that Wilders' talk is a closed, invitation only event.

And then there's Wilders complaints about how Muslims treat women, and this:


pogge said...

The bigger contradiction with Litwin's concerns about freedom of speech is that Wilders wants the Koran banned. How do you reconcile freedom of the press with the banning of books?

pogge said...

And incidentally, do you realize "Dr." McVety is in this up to his tulips? Canada Christian College is a co-sponsor of the speaking tour.

sharonapple88 said...

How do you reconcile freedom of the press with the banning of books?

You can, but it's not pretty.

Marky Mark said...

I just love how the Israeli Apartheid crowd which takes over publicly funded universities for two weeks and also almost killed funding for Pride in Toronto can't stomach a lecture at the National Arts Centre.