Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fox News North Vs. Bell Canada EXPLAINED!

Quebecor Media Inc. has reduced the carriage price of its new Sun News Network to “zero” by broadcasting it free over-the-air and streaming online, Mirko Bibic, senior vice-president of regulatory affairs at Bell Canada, says.

Like your mom used to say: nobody will buy the milk if you give it away for free.  Naturally, Bell Canada doesn't want to pay.


Prairie Kid said...

This is no different than giving out free samples of a product to entice people to go and buy it. Why are you and most Liberals so afraid of media that doesn't blow left wing smoke up you butt?

Unknown said...

You're mistaking amusement for fear Prairie Kid. I assure you that people aren't afraid of the big bad network with an theoretical audience somewhere below the population of Moose Jaw.

double nickel said...

PK = troll.

Jerome Bastien said...

I would love to be able to defend Sun TV, but everytime I check it out, I cant even stand to watch it for more than 2 minutes. Yesterday they had an interview with this woman in her home, using what was clearly the woman's webcam. I can handle grainy video, but grainy sound like that was unforgivable. You could excuse it if she was broadcasting from the remote jungle of Papua New Guinea, but I think she was in Mississauga.

Tof KW said...

Brian said...
...big bad network with an theoretical audience somewhere below the population of Moose Jaw.

Ha ha! At this point SunNews would love to have ~35000 viewers. Check out what pathetic numbers Adler and Levant are pulling in:

Wire Report (Hill Times) Sun News Network ratings drop

T said...

SNN not live
Now you see it for free on the Internet, now you don't.

The plug has been pulled on the live Sun News streaming feed a week after Sun Media gave Bell subscribers an alternative to being blacked by an ongoing carriage fee dispute.

"I see Sun News dropped the live stream which they just got working last week," says a TSF reader. "Someone's listening to Bell!"