Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Even Now Tim Hudak Is Killing Investment In The Province Of Ontario

Green energy manufacturers have been streaming into Ontario. Now:

...they have...indicated they will wait until after the provincial election in October before making a decision.

And what's Tim Hudak's answer to the province's burgeoning energy needs?  Well, he's muttered a bit about nukes because, apparently, its a "proven technology".  He's not saying near which town he'll put any new reactors, though.  Not before the election.


Tof KW said...

Actually the next (4th) generation of nuclear reactors is really quite something. They'd be using fuels other than uranium with next to no nuclear waste once the rods are spent (and what there is will be hot for only a fraction of the time). However, that technology is 20-30 years down the road, and very expensive to develop.

That said, what does Ontario do in the mean time? Hudak obviously doesn't have a clue, let alone a plan.

BTW, my own PC MPP here (Elizabeth Witmer) doesn't like Hudak's idea to scuttle the Samsung deal.

Saskboy said...

What we can, and should build today is renewable energy. If research into Thorium reactors proves useful, then we can start building them when they are proved to be safer than the other options.

paulsstuff said...

And what's Tim Hudak's answer to the province's burgeoning energy needs?

Really? Talk to anyone working at OPG and ask them that question. Be prepared to be laughed at. The Pickering plant is running at less than half capacity, as is Darlington. Bruce Power is getting paid 7.5 cents per kw whether they are running or not.

Because of our excess capacity, and the fact McGuinty signed deals with green energy producers that pays them 8 times the going rate per kw, we now pay other provinces and the U.S. to take our excess power off the grid.

Maria said...

I'm sure this is false rating for liberal party.

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