Monday, May 16, 2011

Wegman Paper Retracted For Plagiarism

I've written quite a bit about Edward Wegman and The Wegman Report(WR), which has been used by AGW deniers to suggest collusion and misconduct among climate scientists.  Specifically, I've written about how John Mashey and the people behind Deep Climate discovered evidence of wholesale plagiarism in that report, and how several experts contacted by USA Today took a look and decided that, yes, Wegman and Co. seemed "guilty as charged". Well, finally, one of the papers that grew out of the WR, which discussed "social networking" among scientists, has been formally retracted by the journal that originally published it. If you at the image above, the social networking material that appeared in the WR itself and later made its way (in part) into Social Networks of Author–Coauthor Relationships, the retracted paper, is shown left.  The source documents, which including Wikipedia material and work by De Nooy, Mrvar and Batagelj, are shown right.  The blue stuff marked material has been cut and pasted. 

Not much question, in my mind, or the mind of the folks Computational Statistics and Data Analysis  (CSDA), where Wegman's paper first appeared.

An interesting side-note is that Wegman has laid all blame at the feet of a student who, while not actually listed as a co-author of the paper, appears to have written about 15 per cent of it!  Strange practices indeed from people who have been willing to accuse climate scientists of questionable ethics.


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