Sunday, August 07, 2011

Acarpolypse Now: The Real Asian Menace!

Webber describes the fish as about four feet long, 50 lbs and silver in color.

He was in the area of the Lorain lighthouse in shallow vegetated water when he saw it.

In all the years he's been on the lake, he says he's never seen an Asian Carp.

"It's a pretty big deal," Webber said.

Asian Carp appearing in one of the Great Lakes is indeed a "pretty big deal".  They are the ultimate invasive species.  They don't look like us.  They don't think like us.  Obviously, because they're fish.  But they don't even look or think like indigenous fish, which we have studied and understand and are therefore capable of slaughtering in great numbers, and so have rendered pretty docile.  These suckers are like fish terrorists.   They can eat anything and breed like foreigners. Furthermore, they can crawl across land, leap long distances, and eat children, which might be OK if they stopped at the bad kids, but they are usually not so discerning.

(Note: I have not been able to confirm the content of this last link).

Seriously!  Its bad shit!  The end times are coming, and I'm just hoping they resemble one of those bush parties from back in my high-school days.

PS. More evidence of  the Asian invasion!

PPS.  Looks like Mark Steyn got it right about the decline of civilisation, although he got the causes wrong.  I don't think he mentions Carp even once, or any kind of fish.  With him it seems to be Muslims Muslims Muslims, 24/7.  But to prove all this I would have to read one of his books.


VW said...

OTOH, Asian Carp apparently makes for a very nice fish taco:

bigcitylib said...

How many of those you wanna eat, bud?