Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dave Naylor Forgiven

Mr. Naylor, whose tweet re Jack Layton's death probably marks the lowest point of the last 24 hours, will not be losing his job.  From Bourque (who I assume has picked it up from somewhere solid, though he doesn't provide a link):

"... the sentiments expressed by Mr. Naylor on his personal twitter account are not those of the Sun. I would ask that you judge us by our 10 pages of coverage on Mr. Layton's passing. As for Mr. Naylor, I have spoken to him at length today and he couldn't feel worse about his tweet yesterday. He deleted the comment shortly after it was posted and apologized. He has also volunteered to make a donation in Jack Layton's name to the Alberta Cancer Society. We don't condone the type of tone in Mr. Naylor's tweet but any further reprimands coming to Mr. Naylor are obviously an internal issue and not one I would be comfortable sharing beyond our immediate company. I assure you we don't take cancer lightly nor do we condone this type of tasteless social media commentary." - Jose Rodriguez, Edtor-in-Chief.

PS. An interesting thing.  Naylor does appear to have deep-sixed the relevant tweet, but he's still talking tough a day later ("haven't deleted a thing") .  Mr. Rodriguez might want to ask to find out just who is being bullshitted.


Jim Parrett said...

They never get fired. They never admit wrong. And they're always given a pass. I'm thinking about switching to the right. You can get away with murder.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I don't think the paper should be able to fire him if he posted his comment on a personal account. Having said that, if anyone is planning to quote parts of Layton's final letter to the offending wingnut, say in three-foot letters in his front yard written in weed-killer or spray paint or lighter fluid...well, that would be wrong, very wrong, but who am I to judge?

rabbit said...

Well it is funny. The worst possible taste at the worse possible time, but funny.