Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Saint Turmel

The new talking points: she joined  all those Que. separatist groups to draw them into the Cdn. mainstream.  Not a bad alibi, actually: like joining the Hell's Angels so as to bring them to Jesus. 

We'll see how it works.


WhigWag said...

Or it's like Paul Martin facilitating trade relations with Gadaffi in Libya to reduce the latter's terrorist influence, or like both the LPC and indeed the CPC (before it failed) wanting Canada to have a Security Council Seat at the UN, despite its problems, to exert a moderating influence.

Why are you playing into the PMOs hands by focusing on the NDP instead of the real problem with the country, the CPC? Keep your eye on the ball.

Dr.Dawg said...

Not quite what the article says.

Anonymous said...

What kind of group are they?

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