Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Slightly Shorter Farber

...on Hudak's promise to put crooks in your parks:

Ontario has long been a province of tough, practical people. The Ontario way is to ask: "what works?" and make decisions based on reality, not ideology. But ideology, rather than reality, is behind Peter Shurman’s shortsighted campaign promise to have convicted criminals work near our homes, parks and schools. It is designed to score cheap political points and brings real safety risks to our community of Thornhill and, indeed in communities across Ontario.


As I write this, there are reports of criminals escaping from manual labour programs in Georgia, Alabama and West Virginia. Is this a program that we want in place at Bishop’s Cross Park, or behind Thornhill Woods Public School? Everyone agrees that criminals have a debt to repay to society, but that debt has to be repaid responsibly and, above all, safely for law-abiding families. Criminals belong behind high walls and steel bars – where current work programs keep them out of our community...


...because the plan involves placing criminals in residential settings, there are significant costs: Such criminals must be supervised by guards to prevent the much-higher chance of escapes, and the people of Thornhill living near where these criminals are working need extra policing around their homes, parks and schools so that they can feel secure. The PCs already have a $14 billion hole in their platform and they have not provided enough funding to ensure the safety of our community.

Similarly, Peter Shurman’s support for the creation of a new bureaucracy within the police services to install and supervise GPS monitors is not only baffling, but will cost a fortune. Apart from being costly, the plan isn’t well thought out. A 2007 report by Correctional Services of Canada found that false alarms and technological problems impeded the safe implementation of this plan. Stephen Harper’s own Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, is on record saying GPS technology was unreliable, causing the federal Conservatives to re-examine its use.

Yeah, Bernie's running for the Libs up in Thornhill, so he isn't 100% impartial, but if anyone wants to discuss these proposals rationally, this is about as good a presentation of the argument against that I've seen.


alfdamalf said...

Its an article that speaks directly to voters in simple uncompromising language. I also see that a number of people comment in support of this position including a former cop and a criminal lawyer.

deboaned said...

I never quite understood why mr. Hudak took this as a policy issue. Perhaps he believed that Ontario has turned into Ford nation. It was a gamble and he has been called on it.

The new poll numbers indicate that this election is now turning in favour of the Liberals. They are the only ones whose numbers are dramatically increasing and with only 6 weeks left till Election day, they seem to have the momentum.

I would normally weigh my vote very carefully to create the necessary balance that has served us so well here in Ontario. Others I have talked to are thinking along the same lines. Three very rightwing governments in the GTA would not auger well for us.

liberal supporter said...

The ads will write themselves!

"If you liked Chainsaw Mike, you'll like Chaingang Tim".

Con1: So, youse mugs, where do we pull our first job?
Con2: I know, that neighbourhood up in Thornhill.
Con3: How do you know? Have you cased the joint?
Con2: Did I case the joint! I spent a couple of days there checking everything out, I learned when everyone comes and goes, and I learned every ditch and bit of bushes to hide in.
Con1: How did you do that without being noticed?
Con2: (singing) That's the way that it is, working on the chain, ga-a-ang.
All: That's the best school there is, working on the chain, gang!