Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tim Hudak Will Abandon Free Trade With The Rest Of Canada!

Let me repeat what James Morton said:

Hudak would ‘suspend’ $122M GO Transit deal going to Quebec

Errh, I though we had more or less concluded Quebec is part of Canada.

Seriously, who is doing policy for the Conservatives? Warren Kinsella? Mr. Hudak seems hell-bent on making sure there is a Liberal majority:

Original story here.

Seriously.  You used to be able to trust the PCPO to be business friendly.  In fact, folks like me used to complain that maybe they were a bit  too business friendly.  But no more!  Tim Hudak wants to pay millions extra to refurbish GO Trains in Ontario rather than Quebec!  And that doesn't include the paying of penalties to whatever Quebec company he intends to break contracts with. Who cares about trading with the Asians or the Europeans, Tim Hudak is willing  to start a trade-war within Canada itself! 

I mean you know the PCPO has gone nuts when their economic policies are 2nded by the NDP (same link: scroll down.  This policy plank just sings to Andrea Horwath).

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