Monday, August 01, 2011

Craig Chandler Goes Liberal!

 There's this story in the G&M, so you know it isn't a joke.  Nevertheless, the email from Craig Chandler at the PGIB (Progressive Group for Independent Business) wants you to know:

Craig Chandler, the "don't move to Alta. if you ain't conservative", proto-Western separatist guy, wants PGIB members to take a good look at "dark horse" candidate for leader of the Alberta Liberal Party Bill Harvey.  Not as weird as it sounds.  From what I know about Alberta politics, everyone involved joins the Tories, just because they always win, and then moonlights for the party they really support.  Indeed, Chandler's bunch has been involved in the leadership selection process for both the Wildrose Alliance and provincial Conservative Party, in both cases throwing in with the candidate too crazy to win.  So maybe this in itself tells you something about Bill Harvey.  However, here's a bit more from the email:
Bill Harvey is a long time PGIB member and his views are Classical Liberal in flavour or as what we refer to in the modern day as small 'c' conservative. Bill Harvey's policies of less government, lower taxes and political accountability are of the fiscally responsible Laurence Decore era. His view on eliminating Section 3 of the Alberta Human Rights Commission show that he values freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Bill Harvey's policies on putting Alberta first with an Alberta Provincial Police force, controlling our own immigration to his promotion of a Triple E Senate and defense of our oil & gas industry show that he will be a defender of the west.
What is also refreshing about Bill Harvey is that he is NOT a federal Liberal! How anyone could be supporter of a party that is the enemy of this province is beyond me?
The Alberta Liberal Party has opened up the leadership race to all Albertans and you do NOT, I repeat do NOT have to become a member to vote in this race.

A lesson in the dangers of openness for the LPoC, I suppose, as they consider how to go about choosing their new leader.  Although the federal party seems much less easily subject to takeover as its Alberta equivalent, which has always seemed the very definition of futility.

PS. Section 3 of the Alberta Human Rights Code (not section 3 of the Commission) is the hate-speech provision.  Chandler's a buddy of Stephen  Boission, whose troubles with section 3 due to gay-bashing have made much news in recent years.  Good luck Mr. Harvey, with these guys in your corner you will need it.

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Matthew Sharp said...

It humiliates me to no end that I live in the same city as Stephen Boisson. Oh well, one more year and then Vancouver.

Love your blog. Keep up the good stories!