Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quebecor Destaffing Newspapers To Keep Fox News North Afloat?

 After the T.O. Sun's last round of layoffs, I speculated wildly that the point of it all might be to keep Ezra in grease-paint.  Turns out I might have been not so far off the mark:

Another insider says the cuts were made to add funds to the Sun News side of the ledger, which is trying to keep afloat in its infancy.

Alright!  Everyone redouble your efforts in not watching it and we will see the whole thing fizzle between now and mid-2012.

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Jim Parrett said...

I have a weird feeling that not only can Fox News North survive but it could be big. Think about this. Ezra Levant had on Mark Steyn and the ratings killed (at least according to Sun Media). Every racist in Canada was tuned in. Not a lot of people watch the news. So if FNN just corrals every racist, every RWNJ, every fool with a shotgun, even middling ratings can kill the competition. It's the Don Cherry approach. Yell loudly, be a boor, bully and never apologize. It's entertainment for Conservatives and a war against the rest of us. Perfect mixture of victimization and aggression. It may yet work.