Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I Stopped Voting NDP

Because the NDP, both federally and provincially, has always been an alliance between labor and green groups.  In my experience, whenever the values of these two wings came into conflict, the green wing got unceremoniously hosed.

Its happening again.


Kirbycairo said...

The problems with this post are -
a)If you moved to the Liberals from the NDP just for this reason, then you probably didn't belong in the NDP in the first place.

b)Since the NDP has consistently won the support of more environmental groups than any other party (including the Greens), you obviously don't actually support Green policies, once again making your position nonsensical.

c) Even if one were to be critical of the NDPs positions on the environment, to support the LPC on an environmental basis would be absurd because let's face it when they were in power in the 80s they really let the side down.

Matthew Sharp said...

I like the NDP due to urban policies. I could not care less about organised labour issues, but the green and city stuff is important.

I often feel like the Conservatives feel we all live on farms or in Fort McMurray.

sharonapple88 said...

Kirkby, the NDP's current policies for making gas cheaper and their opposition to wind turbines are probably the big reason that the Ontario NDP's probably not getting any love from environmentalists like David Suzuki this election.

Frunger said...

To Matthew Sharp:

It's always nice to see people use the correct term "could not care less". Whenever I hear "could care less" I cringe.

And to all those who may be more nitpicky than I, I am aware that "could care less" is a shorter version of an old saying that did make sense and mean what it was intended to mean.

That concludes my poitless ranting of the day. Carry on everyone.

bazie said...

Kirby ~ while it is true that the Liberals were horrific in the 80's and, for that matter, 90's federally on the green platform, I think it needs to be recognized that in both BC and Ontario they have introduced - while entirely different - pretty significant schemes which are leaders in North America. BCNDP opposes the carbon tax in BC, ONDP wants to lower gas taxes in BC and has been fighting nuclear, wind and, after much waffling, is tacitly accepting the leading feed-in-tariff- program.

Of course these liberal programs are FAR from perfect and have much to be criticized, but it cannot be denied that they are legitimate programs.

bigcitylib said...

Bazie, I think the BCNDP has come around on the carbon tax after being stung last election.

Going back further in time, they sold out on Clayoquot Sound.