Saturday, August 27, 2011

On Jim Karygiannis

 I don't really know much about the Jim Karygiannis thing.  It seems a co-ordinated smear-job.  He is accused of questioning former Tory candidate Harry Tsai's competence in the English language, and this is being interpreted as a racial slur:

Harry Tsai told The Huffington Post Canada that Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis called him Friday afternoon to tell him that he had seen a press release from his organization calling for Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae to fire him from his critic’s post.

“I don’t think he was very pleased,” Tsai said. “(Karygiannis) said, ‘ I don’t care what you guys write. It won’t affect me. And I’m glad you can write.’ He kept saying, ‘I’m glad you can write English,’” Tsai said.

Now, Mr Karygiannis claims he never said that.  But, just for fun, here's a sample of Mr. Tsai's English:

You can save $$ on car insurance premium !!

The insurance companies increase everyone’s insurance premium even if you have a perfect and long driving record. Why!? It’s simply because everyone is paying for others’ high claim from car theft and accidents. In Manitoba, the province has successfully lowered car theft rate by 75% since the implemention of ULC-S338/98 qualified immobilizers equipped in vehicles. If the Ontario government is paying attention to the solutions which can bring overall car theft rate, so can everyone’s car insurance rate.

That's from one of the comment threads Mr. Tsai has spammed in the past to promote his business. Yes, Mr. Tsai is a comment spammer.

And actually, here's a Tory blogger from the riding complaining about the quality of Mr. Tsai's campaign literature.

So, is it racist to tell somebody their writing sucks if their writing sucks? 

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sunsin said...

In one way it's a promising sign. Some people finally seem to have realized that "racist" is not a compliment.