Monday, August 22, 2011

Warrent Still Required?

 Imp notes an important aside in Julian Fantino's speech to the Association of Chiefs of Police

The [lawful access] legislation will require internet service providers to share subscriber information under warrant.

If this has been reported correctly, its an important (and sensible) step-back.  Not that there isn't still probably stuff to complain about in the new bill (which, admittedly, has not been introduced yet).   For example, it would still presumably require ISPs build up an expensive tech infrastructure to comply with police requests.  You'll still be paying through fees to your ISP for them to spy on you on the gov's behalf. 

On the other hand, the clause that clarifies how hate speech laws apply to the Internet seems fairly innocuous.

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H7N9 Watch said...

The equally plausible alternative is that Fantino just doesn't know or doesn't care what the actual language of the bill is.