Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Anti-Wind Groups Should Renounce Violence

This story is most disturbing:

West Grey Police are investigating alleged threats against a worker, who says he had a shotgun pulled on him while working on a wind turbine site northeast of London, Ont.

Police are also investigating threatening phone calls the man says he received.

Jeff Damen was doing preliminary work at the site of a proposed wind farm in the community of West Grey, near London last week when he says a red pickup truck pulled alongside his vehicle and the driver asked what he was doing.

After Damen explained the work he was doing, the driver pulled out a gun, Damen said.

One particularly disturbing part of it was this statement from Bill Palmer, referred to here as an "activist with  Wind Concerns Ontario":

Bill Palmer opposes wind farms and claims the province refuses to listen to health and safety concerns. So he's not surprised tempers are flaring over wind farms.

"That's unfortunate. I mean I hate to see that happen, but it's what happens when you divide society," Palmer said.

I would hate to think that the anti-wind people really think the problem is some poor local fellow  trying to do his job.  I suppose Mr. Palmer would prefer Mr. Damen stop everything and join the ranks of the unemployed.  In any case, I have emailed a few of the principles in the Ontario anti-wind movement to get their take on the story and Mr. Palmer's statement.  Ex Wind Concerns Ontario President  John LaForet  has already answered as follows:

"Those that seek to use violence to further political or policy objectives are a threat to everyone in our society and there can be zero tolerance for such behaviour.

My sincere hope is the police take this investigation seriously so that all Ontarians can be assured those who rely on death threats and violence as means to further their viewpoint will be held accountable."

...and John promises a fuller response later in his Huffpo Canada column.

Unfortunately, John no longer speaks for WCO.  I've emailed the addresses on their website, once last evening and once this morning, but they have not yet replied. If I can find a working address for Mr. Palmer, I'll email him as well to see if he really wants to stand by that quote.

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