Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Moving Along With Sun TV

Last night, after watching my wife toy with a hapless life insurance salesman for several hours, I found myself too tired to check my email.  So this morning I find that who but Sun TV has left a message asking me if I'd guest on Coren's show today and talk about the state of the White Supremacist movement in Canada (riffing on the Wisconsin killings, obviously)?  That interview will air at eight tonight; I'll post the youtube clip when it becomes available.

It went well enough.  Coren slightly left-footed me towards the end when he asked me straight out why Holocaust Denial should be illegal, and I muttered something  about "standards of discourse".  However, I did manage to get in a shot at the federal government for not moving to beef up C-319 of the criminal code (as they have promised to do) after repealing section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.  And I was quite happy with my hair, which achieved today its slightly dishevelled,  "got this sexxxy by accident, and if it were any sexxxier the other guys wouldn't have a chance" look.  As for the crummy picture below (shot on a cheap tablet), that's what's outside of the Sun TV building--an application to put up condos on the site.  Given what's happening with Postmedia, its enough to make you go hmmmm.
PS.  Ran into Kathy Shaidle on the way out.  She didn't recognize me, I don't think, but I got a small sample of her hair for the database when she wasn't looking.  It might turn out to be useful in oppressing her come the Day of The Great Freedom Oppressing.  I'll just say that Five Foot is looking the best I've seen her, is even approaching the outskirts of the city known as Hot.


meddy said...

Getting co-opted. It just starts at the hair.

As for Postmedia they are holding steady in August -- at 70 cents.

Omar said...

You give sexy props to KS and she says this about you on Twitter -- "Big City Lib just as ugly as you'd always assumed"

That's not very nice.

bigcitylib said...

Not very nice and blatantly false as well.