Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Rebellion!

Wow!  Pictures don't lie!  From on-line reports, I'm seeing literally dozens of almost entirely old white folk supporting a restaurant that would jail homosexuals.  As a Liberal, I am feeling so scared right now!  And remember, gay people, if you're ever confronted by Chickinistas, you may not be able to hide, but you sure can run, because I doubt any of these people can crack 3 MPH even with the aid of an atomic walker.  Except the gal in the middle and lets face it  I doubt she's good navigating sharp corners.


Anonymous said...

So it's not OK to make fun of gay people but it's perfectly OK to make fun of fat people?

bigcitylib said...

And old people.

Patricia Kayden said...

I think BCL was trying to be sarcastic. I'm sure no harm was meant to overweight or old people. I thought the post was hilarious -- especially in the face of all this anti-gay bigotry.