Friday, August 03, 2012

How Enbridge Fixes An Exposed Pipe Rouge Park:

The pipe is part of a line that was built in the mid 1970s, but in 2009 the river bank started to erode, shifting the water's edge and leaving the pipe exposed.

This exposed pipeline in Toronto's Rouge Park has been causing concerns for at least one environmentalist. Enbridge, which has had highly-publicized spills in Wisconsin and Michigan, had responded to the problem by placing concrete blocks around the pipe as temporary protection.

But, naturally enough, the pesky environmentalist wasn't satisfied, so:

...Enbridge spokesman Todd Nogier said the company has developed a cover that satisfies the regional conservation authority that oversees the park.

"We've been working with the authority to come up with a solution … something that blends in a little bit with the surroundings and something that they felt was not obtrusive," he said.

Nogier said work will begin soon and they hope to have a cover in place in a couple of months.

A few take-away points:

1) there's been a problem since 2009, but Enbridge did nothing until someone complained.

2) In response to that complaint, they did a shitty job.

3) In response to a complaint about their shitty job, they have promised to do a better job in "a couple of months".

4) This is their response to a problem in a populated area, with tons of media around to keep an eye on them.


double nickel said...

Ah, the efficiency of the private sector in action!

crf said...

Enbridge don't just do a shit job. They do an ethical shit job.

Unknown said...

Did they get Red Green to fix it? It looks like it is held together with duct tape.