Thursday, August 02, 2012

Northern Gateway Pot Pourri

Two new polls shows overwhelming opposition to Northern Gateway in B.C.  One of them suggests that a good portion of BCers are willing to negotiate a better deal with Alberta and the feds; the other suggests that Christy Clark's new harder line against the pipeline hasn't helped her electorally.  So, apparently, she has turned to God.  Meanwhile, senior BC Conservative cabinet minister James Moore has gone rogue, or maybe been cleared to express a dissenting opinion.  He says is all down to Enbridge, so if the project goes TU you know who the Tories plan to blame.  Meanwhile, Ft St James says no thanks; that's six B.C. communities  that have decided to take a stand against the pipeline.

So there you have it.


meddy said...

The Chinese, who now or soon will own 20% of the oil patch must have an opinion on this.

Anonymous said...

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