Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Think We Can See Where The Problem Lies

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Anonymous said...

The question is a naive one as it doesn't really offer any indication as to how the sharing is to be carried out.
If it's just a matter of giving a bag of cash on a pro rata basis, then I can see how that might get some objections. If it's a matter of outsourcing infrastructure and manufacturing work and assisting with relocation costs for workers from other provinces then not so much.
Will this total include the equalisation monies that already leave the West?
I'm quite impressed that on the other issues that there is so much similar thinking.

Holly Stick said...

This was all hashed out back when Lougheed and Trudeau were arguing about and negotiating the NEP. The thing is that the natural resources of Alberta belong to Albertans.

Specifically, most federal Crown lands including surface and subsurface rights were transferred from the federal government to the government of Alberta in 1930.

As an Albertan I think the Alberta government is giving our oil away to oil corporations far too cheaply, but I don't think Canadians outside of Alberta have a right to share in the proceeds. Of course when you get to things like pipelines across other provinces, there might be room for discussion.

Rotterdam said...

Trudeau's NEP was a complete disaster. If Liberals want to resurrect it, they would kiss off the West for another 40 years.