Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Nuze Flash: Fox News North Luzes Less!

From Canadian Business:

Operating income in TVA's television sector fell to $17 million due to a loss at the new TVA Sports service, partially offset by higher operating income at other French-language specialty services and a smaller loss at the Sun News channel.

From their news release, I gather they found a couple of saps willing to pay a subscription fee for the "service".


Anonymous said...

We can't have this. I demand that the government subsidize The Sun News Network. The left gets free money . . . what about the right?

Tof KW said...

Quebecor already receives $500-million in public subsidies, and isn't accountable to the public like the CBC is.

Unknown said...

Indeed, think of all the science and skool lernin' the government subsidizes. Funding FNN would provide a right-wing alternative to all that.

Anonymous said...

Prairie Kid,
Just because Fox News north is 100%biased to the right wing doesn't mean everyone that isn't is automatically left wing. Try finishing high school. you might learn what centrism is. It's where your glorious leader pretends to be.