Monday, August 13, 2012

Plagiarism And Mark Steyn

My gal-pal Carol is being hard on Mark Steyn for his incessant self-recycling here.

...when apprised of Steyn’s duplication and errors, editors at Maclean’s did nothing. What does this say about standards at Canada’s national news magazine versus those in leading U.S. publications? Why are fabricated musings about Dylan’s creative juices enough to pull Lehrer’s book from the shelves, while false, inflammatory statistics (which could have an impact on gays and Muslims) are left to stand without correction?

Mind you, self copping is not as bad as ripping off another writer.  You invent a joke, you should be able to tell it as often as you want.  Still, Steyn readers may not know how many times he's used all those lines before.

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Reality Bites said...

Give him a break. If Steyn didn't copy himself goodness knows nobody else would.