Thursday, August 16, 2012

Denier Comes To T.O., Denies

Susan Crockford tells Sun News that polar bears are doing A-OK.  But Susan Crockford gets paid $750 a month from the Heartland Institute to say such things.  And she's been brought to town by, among others, Tom Harris and ICSC.  In any case, her thing is dog evolution, not bears.  So we can assume she's bullshitting.

Thank god her only MSM platform is Fox News North, who I think have outdone themselves for the sheer number of typos per 100 words in the text article that accompanies Ezra's Hour of Blither.

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jrkrideau said...

"What's important to remember is that the ice only needs to be ...about a foot thick to support an adult polar bear," Crockford said.

The isce only needs to be a foot thich (actuallly probably 6 inches will do) to support a car. Been there done that.

This level of stupidy is up there with the classic "Carbon dioxide is a plant food." UVic must be cringing.