Thursday, August 16, 2012

Steyn Makes More Trouble For Macleans

Caol Waino's on-line sleuthery  is noticed by J-Source.  My favorite bit from their short article:

(When contacted by J-Source for comment on the story, Maclean's declined)

This isn't the first time Mark has brought shame to the magazine of choice of Canadian dentists--I mean it has to be, right?  Its all I can ever find to read in their waiting rooms.  Back in 2010, Steyn wrote an article for them that attributed comments from an item in the Mississauga News to the Canadian Jewish Congress.  Legal letters soon followed, and  a grovelling apology from the Macleans editorial staff.  Steyn disappeared from their pages for over a year after that, though nobody involved has ever made a specific connection between the two events. 

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dizzy said...

// the magazine of choice of Canadian dentists //

Unfair. I recently read an interesting Readers Digest article on instability in the Soviet Union.