Thursday, August 09, 2012

BCL On Coren's Show

Here it is:

Not bad.  I'd like the last couple of minutes back.  Essentially, the point is that people say fight speech with more speech, but then you spend all your time in a back & forth with the Zundels of the world when there are  more soul-nourishing topics to debate.  Sunlight, they say, is the best disinfectant, but on the other hand disinfectant is what you use to clean under the sink or behind the fridge, which means that public discourse becomes the equivalent of cleaning up the crud.  As a society, there's better ways to employ our time.

PS. The lads from ARC watched, and commented thusly.


Holly Stick said...

Coren got to push the meme that violent rightwingers are just a tiny sub-group of the right but many lefties are violent, etc. not to mention his bugbear Islamists (or Muslims, not sure who all he meant).

You were pretty polite, but I doubt you could have derailed his fast-talking much unless you physically attacked him which would prove that lefties are violent, etc.

That letter ARC quotes is interesting, this statement: "...Holocaust denial does. Its intention is not so much to dispute a fact as to bring hatred on a specific group of people. If the Holocaust did not happen, the world has been lied to and deceived. By whom? The Jews, of course..." could be applied to AGW denial, which brings hatred on climate scientists.

Meir Weinstein said...

Mike had not much to say. i could help you understand more about hate groups . One of the first holocaust denial books was written by a Saudi agent under the name Bill Grimstad and it was called the six million reconsidered. it goes a lot deeper.

Hardy Weinberg said...

Interesting interview, although did Coren start off his show by comparing Muslims to Nazis?

The problem I have here with Coren is all his arguments rely entirely on anecdotal information. If he doesnt see it himself with his own eyes it does not exist.

Furthermore, his alternative motives are shown through. With the exception of anti-semitism and overt racism, many in the far right hold similar views as Coren on a number of other issues, particularly immigrants, Muslims and LGBTQ.

Obviously, some on the extreme right advocate violence and Coren will deny advocating violence if asked, but has he ever thought that his extreme rhetoric may cause violence or other illegal actions? Food for thought.

Hardy Weinberg said...

Meir, was that directed to me or was it a general statement you made out of nowhere?

My point still stands that it was wrong for Coren to compare Muslims to Nazis. It is also irresponsible and ineffective to generalize and use impercise language on broad/diverse communities. To fight anti-semitism, homophobia, racism and islamophobia it is best to target individuals and/or organizations whose mandate is to specifically promote this kind of hatred.

Blindly pointing fingers racial, cultural or religious communities simply sows the seeds of hatred and furthers both discrimination and in some cases illegal actions.

Terrence said...

Coren is and always will be the eunuch who scolds you.

Rotterdam said...

The Koran and the Hadith read much like Mein Kampf.

Rotterdam said...

I do not know the difference Hardy.

Meir Weinstein said...

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