Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Bit Of Childhood Lost

A lot of good folk have passed this Xmas. I didn't even know this guy's name before today, though I owned, when I was very young, a two pound metal model of Thunderbird 2
...given to me for Xmas , which I played with diligently for a couple of years before it fell apart under the constant pounding.   Not like the crappy gifts they give the youth of today (or, as I like to call them The YOT), which wind up in the landfill after 48 hours.

PS.  And if you are too young to know who Captain Scarlett or the Mysterons were , then you are deprived:

...and of course the song they inspired:

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Anonymous said...

I had a model of Thunderbird 2 as well. The first thing to go was the plastic legs, then the smaller and very yellow Thunderbird 4 that was contained in 2's belly.
Apart from the peeling blue paint, it is still in a box with my other diecast relics and my small nephews play with it today